“The RNHRD's reputation as a world leader in research into and treatment of complex rheumatological conditions is very high internationally. It is warmly regarded as the birthplace of rheumatology and as a vital centre for the training of new clinicians. I also acknowledge and encourage the development of the first NHS clinic in Performing Arts Medicine and hope that the hospital will continue to thrive and develop for many years to come.”


Jaume Roset i Llobet

Medical Director, Istitut de Fisiologia







“As a former fellow who trained at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in 1979, I would like to mention that I decided to train at that institution after reading an issue of Clinics in Rheumatic Diseases edited by Dr. Allan St-J. Dixon.


“The objective of training in Bath was my first choice amongst different institutions in Europe, USA and Canada. Acquiring clinical and research skills with academic content was possible thanks to the leading role of Drs. Dixon, Paul A. Bacon, A.K. Clark, John Cosh and MM. P. Yeoman and D. Dunkerley working as orthopaedic surgeons. Professor Francis J. Ring was piloting the thermography discipline of muscular skeletal diseases and also contributed to my training. I must underline the great knowledge of the Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy and Nursing personnel who greatly helped in my training.


“In 1979, D. R. Blake and D. G. I. Scott were the Senior Registrars who became national consultants of international reputation. Ever since, many respected clinical researchers have continued to maintain the RNHRD as a world-renowned academic institution. I am very proud of the scientific knowledge acquired while training at that institution. Closure of the RNHRD would cause great upset in the medical community as well as patients with rheumatic diseases.”


François BEAUDET M.D. FRCP (C).

Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur, Montreal