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Survey shows overwhelming support for the Min. 


A survey completed by over 300 people has shown massive support for the Min. to continue to offer treatment from its present site. Around 90% of respondents cited the historic buildings and their central location as an important contributor to the standard of care received. Almost all rated their experiences at the Min. above those of other, larger hospitals, praising its family atmosphere and the quality of its staff.


“The RNHRD is unique and delivers fantastic care. As an AS (ankylosing spondylitis) sufferer I feel understood, supported and valued there. The central location is an added bonus. Patients are allowed out when not receiving treatment. The ability to walk around the local streets is a tremendous incentive to further exercise and without a doubt increases mobility. I have received tremendous medical care and treatment in the twenty or so years I have been going to The Min.”


“The treatment offered at the Min is outstanding - a beacon which the rest of the world can, and does, learn from. It would be a travesty not to support and maintain such an outstanding example of the NHS functioning at is very best. It is currently, as the patient feedback and results clearly show, extremely successful and helps so many people in a really valuable way. It must be protected.”